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Inbound Workshops

Conducted in schools through interactive hands-on learning experiments. (including
Inbound Energy Management)

Inbound Energy Management Program

Mentoring/guiding indigenous teams consisting of teaching staff, administrators & group of students in schools to monitor energy, reduce consumption & protect the environment.

Outbound Workshop

Located in a centralized location for inquisitive minds (schools and engineering colleges) with interactive hands-on learning experiments and mentorship for innovative projects. This also includes weekdays, weekends & Summer classes.

About Us

Grevangelist Private Limited“, with a strong core team and mentored by experienced technical advisers from various universities specialized in Energy & Environmental subjects focuses on building the next generation that can adapt, understand & combat the Energy & Environment crisis. The fundamental idea is to involve students in the development of required skills and technology while motivating them with a goal to develop solutions that aspire to solve the environmental challenges, both locally & on a global scale.

A sizeable 40% of India’s population is under the age of 25. Understandably, this would increase in the coming days and thus, we recognize, care and realize the importance of imparting knowledge in creative ways which would directly impact households/schools/environment.

Students learn the science behind climate change, how to conserve energy, clean energy technologies, environmental challenges (waste and water management) and in turn, develop curiosity and the urge to come up with probable solutions to address issues that exist today & might impact our tomorrow.


To foster curiosity, channelize passion & ideate young minds in the field of Energy and Environment towards building a positive lifestyle and a sustainable future.


 To focus on mentoring the future generation that can build, adapt, understand and combat the energy & environmental crisis by motivating students to Initiate, Investigate & Innovate.

Core Values

  • Ignite Learning
  • Encourage Team Work
  • Imbibe social Values
  • Foster Energy Consciousness
  • Stimulate Sustainability

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    Hands on learning experiments

    Hands on learning experiments

      Energy Management Team & Mentor-ship

      Energy Management Team & Mentor-ship

        Positive Change in Lifestyle

        Positive Change in Lifestyle

          Syllabus Oriented

          Syllabus Oriented

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